Whole Earth Peranakan Thai Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore

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About Whole Earth

Whole Earth planted its first seeds in 2003 to provide really good and flavourful food for everyone to enjoy. Each dish is a product of thoughtfulness that brings out the exciting flavours of Thai-Peranakan vegetarian cuisine. The rich Peranakan is creatively fused together with authentic Thai fare for fresh and flavourful Southeast-Asian cuisine. What makes its menu unique is not just in the preparation or the choice of the freshest ingredients, but also the immense passion that its skilled and experienced chefs sprinkle as that which makes every bite even more delightful.

As Singapore’s first and only Thai-Peranakan Vegetarian restaurant, Whole Earth has built a healthier community that comprises of families, healthy food-seekers, executives, vegans, and foodies who have found a healthier alternative. Whole Earth still continues to inspire everyone with what it has been known for and stood for through the years: bringing people together with good food.

Whole Earth Peranakan Thai Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore